We focus on the small-sized nickel & cobalt  based specialty alloys in a variety of forms of flat bar, rod, seamless tube and shaped profile.

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Small-sized steel continuous casting has been invente#d for more than a hundred years in the world, most applied to materials such as gold, silver, copper and their alloys in the forms of bar, tube, profile and their back-end processing application. In the past years, the wide use of bonding wire had made this type of continuous casting equipment and technology begin to appear in Taiwan. But in the application of high-temperature metal materials, Taiwan is still quite a stranger to it. It results in high reliance on imported products in nickel-based & cobalt-based alloys and special stainless steel. That is a great regret for many manufacturers in Taiwan. Especially nowadays the knowledge is already ubiquitous and the demand of industrial transformation and innovation is urgent for these related industries in Taiwan.

After the completion of our factory, we estimated to install three sets of fine continuous casting
equipment, in both types of batch production and continuous production to supply back-end application of high-temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, wear-resistant requirements in special industrial parts, such as the rollers for heat treatment furnace, braided wire, heating elements, welding consumables, welding wire and various types of shafts and pipes. Gradually we
will move toward high-valued materials like biomedical metal materials and so on.

Our cross-section size of products focus on φ3 ~ 50 mm, the maximum production capacity
is about 20 tons/month, the annual turnover can be up to more than 100,000,000 TWD. We aim to
replace the imported materials gradually to help local manufacturer reduce the reliance on foreign products. Also we hope our efforts will promote domestic industry upgrading and increasing local employment opportunities.

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2016 Kaohsiung International Chemtech & Instrument Expo. 

2016 Kaohsiung International Chemtech & Instrument Expo 

2016 Kaohsiung International Chemtech & Instrument Expo.

2016 Kaohsiung International Chemtech & Instrument Expo

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